Choose The Vault Youth Project as your Co-Op Cause!

8 Feb 24
by Charlie McAdam

If you are a Co-op member you have the opportunity to help our Youth project (TVYP) provide a safe space and access to the arts for young people in Wigtownshire. You can do all this with just your Co Op card, learn more by reading on!

Choose TVYP as your Co Op cause!

Co-op has selected The Vault Youth Project (TVYP) as one of their charitable causes and we are very thankful! TVYP aims to provide better access to the arts for young people in the surrounding area. TVYP also helps provide community to young people by hosting games nights, rehearsal spaces and many more events to engage young people. TVYP has been going on since 2019 and has helped many young people find passion for the arts and create long lasting friendships. Providing this service ensures that local young people are engaged in activities that support their personal and professional development. Young people can improve their skills, confidence and mental well-being with the services TVYP provides. 

To choose TVYP as your Co-Op community cause simply enter your Co-op members app, select the community tab and select TVYP. This will take only 5 minutes and will greatly improve the lives of young people locally and allow TVYP to continue providing these essential services. 

Thank you to all that have selected TVYP as their Co-Op community cause, our gratitude is immeasurable!


Six Nations Live at The Vault!

The Vault Bar is showing the Six Nations Ireland vs Wales game today! Enjoy the game alongside some of our award winning pints!

24 Feb 24
Charlie McAdam

Jam Pact SOLD OUT!

Next Friday's Jam Pact gig is now sold out! Thanks to everyone who has purchased in advance. It's going to be an outstanding night at The Vault Arts Centre again.

23 Feb 24
Nathon Jones

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